1964 Canada Dollar

Year: 1964

Country: Canada

Denomination: Dollar

Weight: 23.33 g

Silver Composition: .800

Mintage: 7,296,832

Certification: NGC PL65

Km # 58

Comments: Obverse features Elizabeth II facing right.  Reverse features the fleur de lis, shamrock and thistle and rose.  Subject of this coin is the 100th anniversary of the meeting is Charlottetown and Quebec that started the process of moving from colonies to a confederation.

1881 Hati Gourde

Year: 1881

Country: Hati

Denomination: Gourde

Weight: 25 g

Silver Composition: .900

Mintage: 200,000

Certification: NGC AU55

Km # 46

Comments: Obverse features head facing right.  Reverse features national coat of arms.  Nice original look to this one
   I have been wanting to pick up a Haitian Gourde for years now but they tend to be pretty pricey, especially certified.  I got this example for around $150.  I am getting to the point on my collecting journey where I already have most of the sub $100 coins that I want.  Unless I purchase a modern or a commemorative, which I do from time to time of the subject of the coin has some interest to me.  I would much rather pic up a coin from the 1600s - 1800s though.  
   For me there is a psychological barrier for paying more than $150 for a coin.  It is kind of silly though as I have had years where I have purchased over a dozen coins at $50 or more each.  But it is just tough for me to spend $150 or more on one coin.  The last few years I have been buying less coins but spending more on each coin so it kind of balances out. Once I break the barrier it gets easier so maybe in a couple years from now I will be purchasing $250 coins on a regular basis.

1881 Switzerland Fribourg Shooting Thaler

Year: 1881

Country: Switzerland

Denomination: 5 Francs

Weight: 25 g

Mintage: 30,000

Certification: NGC XF40

Km # S15

Comments: I only have a couple of these shooting thalers but they are just beautiful,  According to Krause that are not technically coins but I think they fit into my collection just fine.  I probably overpaid for this one a bit but I am happy to add it to mu collection.  Has a nice original look to it.

1879 Italy 5 Lire

Year: 1879

Country: Italy

Mint: Rome (R)

Denomination: 5 lire

Weight: 25 g

Mintage: 4,000,000

Certification: NGC VF25

KM # 20

Comments: Obverse features Umberto I, Reverse features crown shield and denomination. Nice original toning on this one.  Reverse appears to have more wear than the obverse.  Another nice crown purchased for around $50. 

1486 Austria Guldin 1953 Restrike

Year: 1486 (1953 Restrike)

Country: Austria

Denomination: Guldin / Guldiner / Guldengroschen

Weight: 34.558 g

Mintage: Unknown

Certification: NGC MS66

X # M28

Comments: Obverse features Crowned Arch Duke Sigismund of Tyrol, lion left, helmet right.  Reverse features knight on horseback with banner surrounded by 14 shields. Sometimes referred to as the first crown coin.  I was able to pick this one up at around $50. I don't usually collect restrikes but I can't afford an original of this coin so this is a good alternative for me.  I think I got a good deal as there are couple on ebay listed at over $200. 

1765 German States - Bavaria Madonna and Child Taler

Year: 1765

Country: Bavaria (German States)

Denomination: Thaler

Weight: 28.53 g

Mintage: Unknown

Certification: NGC VF35

KM # 234.1

DAV - 1952

Comments: Obverse features head of Maximilian III Joseph of Bavaria.  Reverse features radiant Madonna and Child.  This coin is often referred to as the Madonna and Child Taler.  I have had this coin on my want list for quite some time but kept finding myself the under bidder.   This is a fairly affordable coin in circulated grades.  I was able to pick this one up at around $100.

1936 Venezuela 5 Bolivares

Year: 1936

Country: Venezuela

Denomination:  5 Bolivares

Weight: 25 g

Silver Composition: .900

Mintage: 2,000,000

Certification: NGC AU55

KM Y # 24.2

Comments: Obverse features Bolivar head left.  Reverse features ribbon date and arms.  Picked this one up recently for under $50.  Been on a bit of a buying hiatus of late, hopefully that will turn around soon.