China 1934 Junk Dollar

Year: 1934

Country: China

Denomination: $1 (Yuan)

Weight: 27 g

Mintage: 128,740,000

Certification: PCGS MS 64

KM Y 345

Comments: Obverse features the bust of Sun Yat-sen.  Reverse features a Junk Boat.  The Junk boat on the reverse is one of may favorite designs on a Chinese coin. Someday I have to get a "birds over" variety.

I purchased this coin in 2006 for about $90 which I thought I was overpaying a bit.  I was surprised to recently find PCGS MS64 Junk dollars selling doe close to $1000 on ebay.  This seems a bit crazy to me as there were almost 130 million of these coins minted.  I sure the price has a lot to do with the abundance of Chinese counterfeits and lots of new collectors in China.

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