EE 1889 Ethiopia Birr

Year: EE1889

Country: Ethiopia

Mint: Paris (A)

Denomination: Birr

Mintage: 418,000

Weight: 28.0750 g

Silver Composition: .8350

Certification: NGC F12

KM # 5

Comments: Obverse features Menelik II.  Reverse features crowned lion.  Coin is dated using the Ethiopian Era (EE) Calendat which started 7 years, 8 months after AD dating.  I have had this coin on my want list forever.  Tend to be really expensive in higher grades.  This example is of a lower grade than I normally collect but I was just happy to pick up a certified example for around $50.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, you've got a great Birr there. Its a km#19 year 1897. That year uses the Obverse plates of the 1889A but an 1897 Rev. You can see this by the script below the Lion, that shows it's km#19. Km#5 has a different script below the lion

Thanks and more power to you. been watching your very nice crown coins