EE 1889 Ethiopia Birr

Year: EE1889

Country: Ethiopia

Mint: Paris (A)

Denomination: Birr

Mintage: 418,000

Weight: 28.0750 g

Silver Composition: .8350

Certification: NGC F12

KM # 5

Comments: Obverse features Menelik II.  Reverse features crowned lion.  Coin is dated using the Ethiopian Era (EE) Calendat which started 7 years, 8 months after AD dating.  I have had this coin on my want list forever.  Tend to be really expensive in higher grades.  This example is of a lower grade than I normally collect but I was just happy to pick up a certified example for around $50.


Anonymous said...

Hi, you've got a great Birr there. Its a km#19 year 1897. That year uses the Obverse plates of the 1889A but an 1897 Rev. You can see this by the script below the Lion, that shows it's km#19. Km#5 has a different script below the lion

Thanks and more power to you. been watching your very nice crown coins


Birr expert said...

Hi, just commenting to let visitors know that Coinhunters comment is completely incorrect.
The coin pictured is a km#5, year 1889A.
km#5 and km#19 use exactly the same script below the lion. The date is found on the other side below the head of Menelik II. Coinhunters confusion might originate from NGC/Numismaster showing an incorrect picture (of what isn't even a 1 birr coin) in their world coin price guide for km#5.
km#5 and km#19 use different obverses and reverses, both head and lion are different.