1793 M France ECU

Year: 1793

Country: France

Mint: M Toulouse

Denomination: ECU

Weight: 30 g

Silver Composition: .9170

Mintage: Unknown

Certification: NGC


Comments: Obverse features Louis XVI facing left.  Reverse features angel inscribing constitution.  This type was minted from 1841 through 1849.  I am always the underbidder when this coin comes up for auction so I bid high on this one.  Paid a little over $150.  Might have overpaid but I think catalog values are low on these.

1847 Netherlands 2-1/5 (2.5) Gulden

Year: 1847

Country: Netherlands

Denomination: 2-1/2 (2.5) Gulden

Weight: 25 g

Silver Composition: .9450

Mintage: 8,958,675

Certification: PCGS AU50

KM# 69

Comments: Obverse features William II.  Reverse features crowned weapons.  This type was minted from 1841 through 1849.  Something about these coins from the Netherlands that really have the original look that I like.

1925 Germany 5 Reichsmark

Year:  1925

Country: Germany - Weimar Republic

Mint: A - Berlin 

Denomination: 5 Mark

Weight: 25 g

Silver Content: .500

Mintage: 684,000

Certification: NGC MS62

KM # 47

Comments: Subject of coin is 1000th year of the Rhineland.  Obverse features armored soldier with shield and arm raised.  Reverse features denomination within date.    Pretty clean fields on this coin.  I think it looks better than MS62.   Purchased from Numismatics with Kenny.

1862 Columbia Peso - Bogota

Year:  1862

Country: Columbia

Mint: Bogota

Denomination: Peso

Weight: 25 g

Silver Content: .900

Mintage: 55,000

Certification: NGC VF35

Km # 139.1

Comments: Obverse features condor above arms.  Reverse features denomination within wreath.  Not a high grade coin but it is nice to find a 19th century, low mintage coin for under $100.

1932 A Germany 5 Reischmark Oak Tree

Year:  1932

Country: Germany - Weimar Republic

Mint: A - Berlin 

Denomination: 5 Mark

Weight: 28 g

Silver Content: .500

Mintage: 32,303,000

Certification: NGC AU53

Km # 56

Comments: Obverse features Eagle.  Reverse features oak tree within date.  Always liked the design of this coin.  This example has a nice original look, I was able to pick up for less than catalog value.

1845 Great Britain Crown

Year:  1845

Country: Great Britain

Denomination: Crown

Weight: 28.2759 g

Mintage: 159,000

Certification: NGC VF25

Km # 741

Comments: Obverse features Queen Victoria (young head).  Reverse features crowned arms within branches.  Picked this up from Ebay for about $125.  These get pretty expensive in higher grades.

1874 B Switzerland 5 Francs

Year:  1874

Country: Switzerland

Denomination: 5 Francs

Mint: Brussels (B.)

Weight: 25 g

Mintage: 196,650

Certification: NGC VF30

Km # 11

Comments: Obverse features Helvetia, the female personification of Switzerland holding shield.  Reverse features date within wreath.  Picked this up on ebay recently for about $130.  This coin has been on my want list for years and I was glad to pick this one up in an affordable grade.